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The new way
to clip your nails


Trimming nails is a tedious job that we all do, at Clipppi our goal is to make cutting nails as easy and fast as possible.



Our design philosophy is based on to factors, to make sure that the design is entertaining and that it fits in the modern home


Kid freindly

In a world of constant entertainment, cutting the nails of kids can be a tedious job, there for we make cutting nails a fun and joyfull experince


Easy living

With clipppi is it easy to clip your nails without thinking of what room you are in and leaving behind a trail of nails.

The team

We are Frederik and Katrine and we have developed Clipppi in cooperation with the consumers. We are very proud to introduce Clipppi, which the whole world has been waiting for.

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Open PHONE Hours

Monday - Friday:
08:00 - 17:00

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