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A collecter to collect your nails while clipping them.

Our first line contains a series of different animal designs, that assures a fun experience for you and your child

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What is clipppi

Clipppi is a Collecter, so your nails won’t fly all over the place when you cut them.  
When you want to Clean the collecter, remove the lid and nailclipper, empty it and then wash and clean it.

Find your nailclipper and Clipppi collecter.

Remove the lid and take the nail clippper into the collecter.

Clip your nails and they will all stay inside the collector.

Remove the lid and nailclipper, empty the collector and wash.

popular Products

animale collection

Its more fun than ever to cut the kids nails.

The animal collection is for kids, so its more fun to cut the nails. The kids are entertained and will now love to cut their nails.

Happy Customers

My kids have always hated getting cut nails. Now they think its more fun and they have against it anymore.

Louise Knudsen

I always hate to cut my nails because I always found some nails on the floor a few days after. Now I use Clipppi and I have always control over the nails. It's really awesome!

Lone Müller

Its so much easier to cut my kids nails now. Thanks to Clipppi!

Claus Schneider

I have always had trouble seeing my nails, but with the help of the magnifying glass in the lid, it is very easy.

Åge Mortensen

Collect your nails

Clipppi helps collect your nails! You dont have to think about where you cut your nails or where your nails end up in the room.

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